1 Foot Hike

Tiger Adventure - Backyard Jungle

  1. Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike.

In 2015, when the new Cub Scout requirements were introduced to us, I remember thinking to myself... What on earth are you going to accomplish in doing a 1-foot hike?  I have since changed my tune.  The great thing about this requirement is the knowledge that is learned about what surrounds you.  It requires you to stay in one spot and listen / look for living things that are near to you. It may surprise you the things that you will find in your back yard or in the park. Depending on your location, you may see the neighbors dog or cat, a chipmunk running across the fence, or a ton on ants attacking the root-beer popsicle you dropped on the sidewalk.  An extra item that I like to do is take a 4-foot piece of rope and make a square on the the ground with it.  Within this 1-square-foot area, count how many different insects you come across.  

Feel free to leave a comment of the living things you and your Tiger Cubscout encountered during your own 1-foot hike.