Dripping Rock Hike

40.08039° , -111.59497° 

Dripping Rock Hike is a very easy and enjoyable hike at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork, UT.  Perfect for taking the family or Cub Scouts.  If coming from I15, take the Highway 6 exit and drive east towards the windmills.  As you get closer to the canyon, you will see on your right hand side a diner called The Little Acorn (stop and get some fries and a shake after the hike). Turn south onto Powerhouse Road as if you were going to Spanish Oaks golf course.  In about 800 feet, turn right onto River Bottom Road. The parking lot for the trail-head will be on your left in 200 feet.  You will see a sign with some information about the Spanish Fork River Trail. 
From this point, you will begin your hike by going east on the trail (going west will take you to Spanish Fork City). The first thing you will see is a walking bridge that will allow you to cross the Spanish Fork River and take you towards the golf course.  You will see a tunnel on your left which will allow you to walk under Powerhouse Road. At this part of the trail be a little cautious with your little ones as golfers are also using this section of the pavement to travel between holes at Spanish Oaks.  As you come to a Y in the trail, go left towards the river.  The remainder of the trail will follow the river until it eventually ends at the dam.  Along the trail you will hear and see multiple small sections where water is dripping from the hillside into the river.  The larger section, which is dripping rock, is about 3/4 of a mile into the trail just before the trail ends. 
Wear a pair of shorts or your swim suit and enjoy the water as it rains into the Spanish Fork River. At this section, the river at some parts is about knee deep to adults with very slippery rocks. As with all water activities, take all precautions and be prepared for any injuries or emergencies.