Leave No Trace Principles For Kids

  • Know Before You Go

  • Choose The Right Path

  • Trash Your Trash

  • Leave What You Find

  • Be Careful With Fire

  • Respect Wildlife

  • Be Kind to Other Visitors

A few years ago when I was the Scoutmaster for our local troop we decided to do our week long camp in the Grand Daddy Basin within the High Uintas of Utah. This was a section of wilderness that only one of the leaders had been to and many patrol meetings were spent in planning this week long, 15 mile adventure going over topographic maps, meal plans, and equipment needed… we were in the know before you go and choosing the right paths.  The day had finally approached to start the trail-head and the senior patrol leader pulled the group aside to go over two major rules that he wanted everyone to follow; stay together and do not go off the trail (pause for a proud scoutmaster moment….). 
During our week long stay we were visited by two forest service rangers who, as we fed them dinner, enlightened us on how people who visit the area do not follow the leave no trace principles. On average, per week, a forest service ranger carries out 10 pounds of trash from the Grand Daddy Basin! 10 pounds! As scouts and scouters following the leave no trace principles, we can make this world a little better picking up one piece of trash along the trail.
Challenge: Take an extra trash bag on your next hike or camp-out and see how full your den or patrol can fill it.

Grand Daddy Basin - High Uintas

Grand Daddy Basin - High Uintas